About us

I became an animal lover in an early childhood. When I was 6, my parents gave me a mixed breed bitch and made me the happiest child in a whole world. Even now when I'm 63 I still think of her.

At early age of 15 I left home farm for living in a big town, so I couldn't afford to keep a dog. As soon as my living conditions were appropriate I got myself another dog - Posavac Hound. He turned out to be of a very temperamental breed which could not conceal it's hunt instinct.

First pure breed was a dalmatian bitch called Doli. She was my faithful companion for the next ten years. She also was temperamental, fast and enjoyed long sharp walks. After her death I decided to move to a more calm breed - a newfoundland Sana. She was a confident, wonderfully stable dog. She acuired breeding permit with ease and had lots of wonderful puppies. I kept one of them, Tajga, to keep her company. She, also was the best the dog can be. Unfortunatelly life is short and dog's is even shorter.

I needed some time, but then decided to buy another dog. This time I chose Great Swiss Mountain Dog - I liked the breed for it's magnificence, colorfulness and character. I choose a puppy from a Slovene breeder. I brought her home without big ambitions, but Roma always distinguished herself. On her very first show she got the grade "Very Promising". Soon she became rock solid show dog. Now we're moving a step further - we're expecting puppies in a spring.