27.3.2012 Puppies were born - two females and one male.  
mladicek1 mladicki2 mladicki4 mladicki5
12.2.2012 Romanticara was bred on January 26th 2012 with carefully selected stud Oscar Zgornjesavski "Cooper". We eagerly await puppies. Please contact us if you are interested.

24.12.2011 We will have a new litter in a beginning of 2012. Your reservations are welcomed.

12.6.2011 Stud Alf from litter A, who lives in New York won a title "AKC Champion".
Stud Aron, also from litter A, who lives in Zagreb (Croatia) won a title "Croatian Beauty Champion".

1.5.2011 Nestor in his element


1.5.2011 Adonis from last year litter visited us


5.3.2011 On CACIB show in Zagreb Aron has got CAC and CACIB. Roma has got CAC and RCACIB.

Aron and Roma

2.2.2011 On CACIB Ljubljana, Nay and Natan were entered on their first show. Both of them got very perspective. Their brother Nanook (now Šejk), was also on the show, but he just came to watch his brothers.

Nay in Natan

Nanook (Šejk)

22.12.2010 We wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

21.12.2010 We added new photos of puppies from N litter. You can see them here.

21.12.2010 Alf, puppy from our A litter, will become a father soon!

1.12.2010 All puppies have a new home!

29.08.2010 The puppies were named.

24.07.2010 We are 18 days old
You can find more pictures and movies here

16.07.2010 Puppies are 10 days old
You can find more pictures and movies here



10.07.2010 Couple of days old puppies
You can find more pictures and movies here

06.07.2010 Puppies were born
You can find more pictures and movies here

30.6.2010 Roma one week before D day


7.6.2010 We are expecting puppies on 12.July 2010. More about litter >>>

3.4.2010 We are planning a new litter! We expect puppies to be born in July.

Dame: Romanticarca, Champion of Slovenia
Sire: Klark, extremely successful show dog, Champion in various states of Europe (more about Klark)

20.11.2009 Names and pictures of the last litter! More

August 2009 All puppies have a new home!

9 beautiful ''swissies'' were born - 6 males and 3 females
26.4.2009 Another week and Roma will be mother
6.4.2009 Children play with mummy to be -  Roma

1.4.2009 We expect puppies in the beginning of May >>MORE
24.2.2009 We plan puppies!